Things we've learned


Things we’ve learned

Brunch with Catie Menke
Featuring Shannon Holt, Melody Sanchez, Heidi Zielinski, Erin La Grassa, Samantha Stinocher and Jackie Parks

October 12, 2019 | 11AM | Teaspressa Downtown PHX

Networking + Reflection Workshop

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About the Speakers


About Shannon

Shannon created an online magazine for women in their 30’s to share thoughts and ideas, truths and secrets. A place that is inspiring, yet relatable. A place to visit with like-minded women as we all navigate through our middle years.


About Melody

Melody teaches aspiring brands and talent to design a life they love through creative content, image consulting, wardrobe styling and fashion photography by working with the most notable talent in the industry ranging from photographers, hair and makeup artists, and creatives from around the world.


About Heidi

Heidi Zielinski is a Dental Assistant and a Dance Instructor. Her passion for dance has led to many wonderful opportunities that she is forever grateful for. Heidi danced for 4 professional dance teams, with the latest being with the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders from 2013-2017. This led to a love that she didn’t even know she had... she is now in her 3rd season as the In-Game Host for the Arizona Cardinals. When Heidi is not working one of her 3 jobs, she is working out at Orange Theory or hanging out with her dog child, Henry Budd.


About Erin

Erin La Grassa has owned a business for 17 years, has a bachelors in Business Management from Arizona State, has her Life Mastery & Wealth Mastery Certificates from Tony Robbins’ Master University, was a Cheerleader and Cheerleading Director for the NFL, president of Metropolitan Association of Business Executives and currently owns and operates three businesses. She is a seeker of growth and catalyst for success in life.


About Samantha

Samantha Stinocher is a stylist and a mother to twin boys. She graduated from Mesa Community College with her Associate's Degree in Interior Design and went on to earn a Bachelors Degree in Communications with an emphasis in digital communication. She has a passion for design and storytelling and is pleased to be able to combine both of these interests as a stylist. In 2015, Samantha welcomed her twins into her life and has been working to find that sweet spot between full-time working life and full-time mom-ing life. Visit @i_live_in_flats on Instagram to see more.

About Jackie

Jackie Parks is a former graphic designer turned Pilates Teacher and now, co-owner of The Workshop - a Pilates studio opening this fall in McCormick Ranch. In 2018, Jackie completed the highest level of training available in Pilates - a Comprehensive Certification from Pilates Sports Center in Los Angeles and specializes in working with clients that are recovering from injury. Jackie is specifically passionate about mentoring, providing resources for, and bettering the experience of young teachers in the Pilates industry. You can follow her on Instagram @jackieparkspilates or visit her website

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Things We’ve Learned