Hi, my name is Catie.

My mission is to inspire self-love through creativity & connection. I am a fashion-obsessed Graphic Designer, former NFL Cheerleader and Founder of Brunch with Catie Menke.

I moved to Phoenix over 6 years ago to go back to school for Graphic Design and to pursue my dance career. I was lucky enough to dance for the Arizona Cardinals Cheerleaders for 3 seasons. After retiring, I truly missed being a part of a team.

In efforts to regain my girl tribe, I started hosting Brunch with Catie Menke. Brunch with Catie Menke consists of two different features - events and vlog episodes. Events include networking and topic workshops. While vlogs feature different speakers focusing on “3 tips” they would recommend in their field. The core of Brunch with Catie Menke is to inspire self-love, self-awareness and self-care.

Something else I wanted to focus on is my appreciation for art and fashion. My goal is to have weekly posts expressing my own personal style that includes a self reflection, a “Things I’ve Learned” section, a journal really, to be creative and grateful.

Interested in working together? Check out my latest collaborations and features here.

Or if you have an idea for Brunch with Catie Menke or wanting to collab on a photoshoot - let’s connect.